Defense Archives is a freelance military and security policy online magazine. Committed to providing insightful and in-depth analysis, Defense Archives covers a wide range of topics related to national defense, international security, and geopolitical affairs. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable contributors, the magazine offers a comprehensive understanding of current military developments, emerging technologies, global conflicts, and defense policies.

Through well-researched articles, and opinion pieces, Defense Archives aims to inform, educate, and engage its readership. The magazine’s content delves into the complexities of modern warfare, examining the evolving nature of threats and challenges faced by nations worldwide.

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Founder & Editor

Covers global U.S. Military affairs. Based in Helsinki, Finland.


Founder & Administrator

Former defense industry employee & German Army Reserve. Based in Bavaria, Germany.

Albert Lee

Chief Editor & Writer

Freelance defense journalist and editor based in Kuala Lumpur, with an interest in combat aviation in the Asia-Pacific.

Ben Lewis


Independent defense analyst focused on the People’s Liberation Army and Taiwan security issues. Based in Washington D.C.

Benjamin Felton


Freelance Defense & Security Journalist. Based in Australia.

Aaron-Matthew Lariosa


Tracks security developments around the Indo-Pacific, specializing on the Philippines. Based in the United States.



Writer on defence matters. Based in the United Kingdom.


Writer & Contributor

Monitoring the war in Ukraine. Based in Belgium.