After a multi-year long tender Australia has chosen for the AS21 redback as it’s new infantry fighting vehicle to replace part of the M113AS4 fleet. In total 129 units will be purchased under the countries LAND 400 Phase 3 project where the AS21 Redback competed with the KF-41 Lynx. Initially the project called for 450 new vehicles but this was later cut down dramatically to 129 units as the programs cost ballooned and budget priority was shifted in respect to the countries strategic vision.

The complete project is valued at between 5 and 7 billion AUD (3,4 to 4,8 billion USD) with the first delivery expected in 2027. The vehicles themselves will be constructed at Hanwha’s plant in Brooklyn Victoria where the AS-9 self propelled gun will also be produced.

Click here for the full press release by the Australian MOD.