In today’s session the Bundestag Budget Committee has given the go-ahead for Germany to acquire four additional Patriot air defense batteries for the Luftwaffe. The allocated budget is €1.28 billion, with an additional €76 million set to be spent on radar upgrades for the entire pool of Patriot systems in the Luftwaffe inventory.

Patriot Eva 1
Patriot Launcher Vehicle during deployment to Slovakia, Luftwaffe

The decision to acquire four additional batteries comes after the donation of two firing units to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which have reportedly operated the system with significant success. The additional two units are required to fulfill Germany’s NATO capability quota, which also dictates a certain level of stocks for the Patriot PAC-2 and PAC-3 CRI/MSE interceptors. As part of a larger coalition, Germany ordered 500 PAC-2 interceptors. The missiles are to be produced under license from Raytheon by MBDA Germany at its facilities in Schrobenhausen.

As per a spokesperson from the Luftwaffe, the service intends to purchase a “medium-sized triple-digit quantity” of PAC-3 MSE interceptors next year, thereby meeting its NATO obligations in this aspect as well. Long term plans beyond 2030 (dubbed KWS 3) foresee the integration of a 360° capable radar and the introduction of a new combat management system.

In response to an inquiry from Defense Archives, the Luftwaffe indicated that the delivery of the four firing units is scheduled to commence in 2027, with the final battery expected to be delivered by 2029.