Canada has chosen the Airbus A330 MRTT to replace it’s aging fleet of CC-150 Polaris which will enter Canadian service as the CC-330 Husky. he contract itself is valued at 3,6 billion CAD (~2,73 billion USD) and will see initial operational capability in 2028/2029. In total Canada is ordering 9 A330 MRTT of which 4 are newly build air frames and 5 are converted from existing A330-200 that where bought second hand by Canada under a 102 million USD and 150 million USD contract.

The CC-330 Husky is expected to operate until well into the 2050’s expecting a 30 year lifespan like was had with the CC-150.

Click here for the Canadian governments press release.

Disclaimer; all prices mentioned in this article did not include taxes.