The USA has approved the potential sale of AAV’s and there related equipment to Romania for an estimated 120,5 million USD.

The potential contract includes;

  • 16 AAVP-7A1
  • 3 AAVC-7Al
  • 2 AAVR-7Al
  • 16 M2HB
  • 5 M240B
  • MK-19 AGL’s
  • M36E T1 Thermal Sighting Systems
  • supply support (spare parts)
  • support equipment (including special mission kits/Enhanced Applique Kits (EAAK))
  • training, unclassified technical manuals
  • technical data package
  • engineering and technical support and assistance (including Contractor Engineering Technical Services (CETS))
  • Logistics support

A principal contractor has not been determined for potential sale. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

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