This list is by no means 100% accurate as it fully relies on open source reporting. This means that only media reports, governmental disclosures and photo/video evidence will be used. Listed items might have been delivered weeks or months before this was either disclosed, or documented to have been delivered to Ukraine.

155mm Artillery

🇫🇷 Delivered 6 Caesar 155mm Self Propelled Guns (Delivery took place in 2022)
🇫🇷 Pledged 12 Caesar 155mm Self Propelled Guns (This is the number of guns France will finance from the announced 78 gun production capacity for 2024)

Other Artillery

🇫🇷 Delivered 2 M270 LRU 227mm Multiple Launch Rocket Systems


🇩🇪 Delivered 10 Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles
🇩🇪 Delivered 32 FFG APC Armoured Personnel Carriers
🇩🇪 Delivered 4 BV206 Tracked All-terrain Vehicles
🇫🇷 Delivered 60 VAB Armoured Personnel Carriers (Delivery took place in 2022)
🇩🇪 Pledged 20 Marder 1A3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles


🇩🇪 Delivered 9 Border protection vehicles

Air Defence

🇩🇪 Delivered 1 Skynex Battery
🇩🇪 Delivered 2 TRML-4D Air Surveillance Radars
🇵🇱 Delivered “Unknown number of” SNR-125 Engagement Radar for S-125
🇩🇪 Pledged 2 Skynex Air Defence Batteries (1 of which is already delivered)
🇩🇪 Pledged 4 IRIS-T SLM Air Defence Batteries (Announced earlier but only now added to the official list)
🇩🇪 Pledged 15 Gepard SPAAG

Rotary Wing Aviation

🇩🇪 Pledged 6 Sea King mk41 Multi-Role Helicopters

Engineering vehicles and capabilities

🇩🇪 Delivered 5 Wisent-1 Mine Clearance Tanks
🇩🇪 Delivered 2 Biber Bridge Laying tank
🇺🇸 Delivered “Unknown number of” M60 Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
🇸🇪 Delivered 1 Djupminröjmaskin 1 Mine Clearance Vehicle

Logistics vehicles

🇩🇪 Delivered 10 Mercedes Zetros Trucks
🇩🇪 Delivered 3 HX81 Tractor units
🇩🇪 Delivered 1 trailers for HX81
🇩🇪 Delivered 16 Mercedes Zetros tanker trucks
🇩🇪 Pledged 41 Mercedes Mercedes Arocs Trucks
🇩🇪 Pledged 40 Mercedes Zetros tanker trucks (16 of which already delivered)
🇩🇪 Pledged 20 Mercedes Zetros refrigeration trucks


🇵🇱 Delivered “Unknown number of” BRDM-2 Amphibious Armoured Scout Cars
🇨🇦 Pledged 10 Zodiac Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat


🇺🇸 Pledged 190 Roshel Senator MRAP -> 🇺🇸 Pledged 80 Roshel Senator MRAP (Source)


All sources for this list can be found on the second tab of this Google Sheets document.